How we can help

Definition of Health Impact Strategies: Assessment of the heathcare system’s capacity to maximise the potential benefits of your innovation at the delivery point.

Substantiation of Health Economics value to build Reimbursement dossiers: Clinical and economic evaluation of the properties and effects of your innovation, addressing its direct and intended effects, as well as its indirect and unintended consequences. Articulation of the “value for money” depending on the public health or private insurance context.

Market Access Strategy: We map out the regulatory pathways and reimbursement options applicable to your innovation.

Markets Assessment & Financial Modelling: From the Global Market to the Total Addressable Market, we provide you with actionable information. We build a facts-based model to project revenue and profit.

KOLs Engagement & early adoption: Engagement of subject experts and Key Opinion Leaders to accelerate early adoption of your innovation.

Validate the financial projections to support fundraising activities and exit negotiations.

Advice to Investors based on expected commercial returns: We translate the complexities of healthtech commercialisation into a succinct dashboard to guide investment decisions.

Business Development and Corporate Partnerships: Introduction and facilitation of strategic alliances, private equity financed mergers or acquisitions.