Attilio Baldassi
Managing Partner

My experience

Attilio’s 25-year career started in Research, operations and commercial roles with the University of Queensland in Australia and with Agen Biomedical Ltd an Australian company and Serologicals Corporation a US company. Products and services included rapid human and veterinary diagnostics tests; hyperimmune human plasma; cell culture, diagnostics, and blood typing reagents.   

Attilio’s career highlights include recruiting, hiring and managing a team of 10 marketing professionals from the ground up for a business unit generating US$125m per year, management of a territory with US$50m per year in sales; and leading negotiations on multi-year contracts with revenues of >$70m, >$40m, and >$50m. 

Attilio is the Principal of Bio Business Solutions Inc, a boutique US-based commercialization consulting and partnering firm. Current projects include finding and qualifying companies for private equity financing and partnering for a blood clot detection test.  

My areas of expertise

Diagnostics tests, hyperimmune human plasma.


Strategic Planning: Review capabilities and resource assessment, develop objectives.


Business Services: Mentoring, management advice, business plan development, and grant preparation.

Partnering: Introduce and facilitate strategic alliances, private equity financed mergers or acquisitions.

US Based Management: Set up US presence and / or manage operations on behalf of Australian parent companies.